Who the hell am I?

More often than not, I'm Bill Schedler - A regular guy trying to find the balance between a sustainable career in marketing and a more successful and fulfilling life on my terms, involving my various creative outlets. Occasionally I'm Billy Wood - A stand-up comic whose delusions are subsiding and stark reality is setting in.  And from time to time I'm Joey Pickles - A brilliant and loathsome Borscht-belt comic whose season has passed.  A guy whose material is unforgivably and inexcusably beloved.

What the hell am I doing?

The purpose of this site is to create a forum for all of these personalities to potentially collide and (hopefully) form a new and coalesced persona that might, in the end, be the real and complete me.  My lofty ambitions are to utilize my experience in marketing and my talents in writing, photography, comedy, and cooking, in some way that would be both profitable and fulfilling....but mostly profitable.

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