Yes.  I get it.  I suck at updating my Blahg!  I've heard your complaints and I apologize.  But in my defense, you would not have wanted to hear the whiny and pitiful bitchiness that has been my inner dialogue for the past few weeks.

Whaah!  I don't have a job. 
Whaah!  I'm just a spectator watching everyone else's perfect lives.
Whaah!  I forgot to go outside today.
Whaah!  I was so busy moping around that I missed a new 'Modern Family'
Whaah!  I'm out of Midol.

Basically I have been a depressing douche.  So to anyone that has suffered the toils of hanging out with me over the past few with it.  That's what friends and loved ones are for.  It's not like all of you are shiny, happy colored marbles.  But I will apologize for neglecting this Blahg, it may have been a good outlet for some of my mental cancer.

In the time since my last post, I'm happy to say that my wife was recruited, interviewed, and accepted at a fantastic new job that she has coveted for quite some time.  I don't know how much I'm allowed to say about it -- so I'll just say that she's a generously paid drug dealer.   Way to go Lindsey! 

To facilitate getting to and from this new job, Lindsey had to trade in her two-cylinder, single-door Toyota Peesoshitt and got herself a Toyota Prius.  So basically, her new job has turned us into hippie, environmental idealists.  To counteract this reduction of our carbon footprint I am currently on the market for a Chevy Dolphin Killer with a diesel engine.

The other very new and exciting news is that I have accepted a full-time marketing position at a great company that I will start in a few weeks.  I will not be disclosing the name of the company on this site to protect the names of the innocent.  But I will say that I have not stooped so low as to sell drugs for a living....Lindsey.

So that's my update.  That's my apology for my lack of updates.  And this is me promising, as I do with each new Blahg post, to be more active and consistent in posting new content.

I have a good amount of time between now and when I start my new position and will be able to focus more attention to this site, in a positive mind set, but with the same ethical and moral superiority that should piss plenty of you off.

So until the next time that I neglect this site for a month or so...
Blah, Blah, Blahg!

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5/16/2010 07:13:15 am

Congratulations, Billy...I mean Lindsey....I mean Billy!


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