The trip to the cardiologist was thankfully anti-climactic.  A few things were sorted out which I'll post to serve as an accurate document of my vital stats as I begin to track my progress toward improving my ticking time-bomb...I mean, ticker. 

My blood pressure was a more manageable, if not still elevated, 140/100.  Confirming that the 160/115 reading taken last week was either altogether wrong, or at least an isolated incident.  I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the walk-in clinic in Hoboken might not be renowned for their technical efficiency.  That being said, the blood pressure is still high.  My weight is a confirmed 234 lbs (with clothes) let's call it, an even 190 lbs.

Without going into full disclosure, the doctor was optimistic about my status and confident in a course of low-maintenance treatment to get some levels to where they should be.  While most things were in check, there were some things that he'd like to see improved.  So he started me on a minor dosage of meds to begin correcting my high blood pressure (aka hypertension), meds that I can plan on staying on for the rest of my life...give or take a few weeks.  In 2 weeks I'll go back and see how I'm reacting to the meds at which point, assuming I'm reacting favorably, I will undergo a stress test and echocardiogram to paint a more accurate picture of everything going on.

So that's where we stand:
Tuesday, January 26, 2010
Blood Pressure: 140/100
Weight: 185 lbs (I lost another 5 pounds writing this blahg...exercise is easy)

I'll revisit this topic in a few weeks, once things start taking shape. 
But for now, I hope that my next few entries have nothing to do with my health.

Until then,
Blah, Blah, Blahg!
1/28/2010 08:30:30 pm

My brother in law calls them (hot dogs) sodium sticks. I love them just the same. (your mom's next door neighbor ... and friend)

1/31/2010 10:55:49 pm

Oh! That's my problem....heavy clothes! Thank goodness you found the culprit. I was kicking my scale.

2/4/2010 10:06:53 pm

Guess what I found? Your BBBBBlog. Your brother snitched. Very entertaining. Sorry about the family tree. It could have had Dutch Elm disease instead of German Spaetzle. Life is not fair. Please keep writing, you have a talent for it. Love you. Dad

Sue Ball
2/6/2010 01:36:04 pm

I, too, have been unemployed (for the most part), for three months.

This is a good "blahg." Keep 'em comin.'

I'll make this my Card Sharks.



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