I know, I know.  I haven't posted a new blahg for 2 weeks.  I'm sorry, but I have excuses.

Reason #1
My computer is in critical condition and potentially dead due to a virus I got while downloading files from Limewire.  Beware the 'Dr. Guard' virus.  It is one angry bitch.  It all started when my lovely and generous wife surprised me with a new iPod (160G!) and I decided to start downloading some songs I'd been meaning to steal for quite some time....but as my 30G iPod was full, I was in no rush to pilfer.  Early into my indiscretions, Dr. Guard latched on to my machine like a sorority girl with lockjaw and brought my computer to a nosediving crash.  Luckily, all of my important files are backed up on an external hard-drive.  The real frustration is that I haven't even had a chance to upload files to the new iPod, so it remains as unused and untouched as an alter girl.

Lesson learned: When stealing files, use my wife's computer.

An IT guy at Lindsey's office is in the process of trying to help me over the phone, but he's been less than responsive over the past few days.  So until I speak with him again, I really won't know the fate of my almost 10 year old computer.

Reason #2
I have a new blog starting very soon.  A friend of mine from many years ago approached me to contribute to his website.  His site, The Bronx View, is focused on the New York Yankees and general baseball related articles, blogs and podcasts.  Evidently, he was looking for fresh and exciting writers to be featured on his site because he emailed me and said "Hey, we need someone to increase the number of dick jokes on our website".  I said, "I'm your man".   I'll let you know when the new blog (entitled: "The Bill of Rights and Wrongs") debuts.  Should be in just a few days.  My features won't necessarily be focused on baseball or the Yankees, but I'll probably weave them in to some aspect from time to time.

I had mentioned early on in my Blahging that I would keep you all up to date as to my health status, as I had recently been diagnosed with hypertension and general fat-assedness.

Since going on daily blood pressure medication, I'm happy to report that my blood pressure has improved from 140/100 to 130/90.  The latest blood pressure reading was taken a few weeks ago, so hopefully it's improved even further.  Still some work to do, but any improvements are good from where I'm sitting.  Following these improved pressure levels I had to undergo a stress test to see if there was any heart disease active in my system.  Thankfully there is not.  Everything looks good.  My weight, however, can still use some focus.  I definitely haven't settled in to a daily exercise regiment, so the pounds are pretty much in a holding pattern.  I really do mean to create an exercise routine that I can stick to in the upcoming week.  Does anybody have any suggestions?  I tried something called the "Milkshake Diet" last week.  The quantity I ingested of these delicious concoctions left me bloated and lethargic, and seems to have led to a drastic case of lactose intolerance.  Now I see where the weight loss aspect plays into the "diet".

This has really just been a post to let you all know that I am aware of my lack of Blahg activity lately, and that I'll be more focused on this and my other blog in the next week.  I'll let you all know when The Bill of Rights and Wrongs is live.

In the mean time, I'd like to ask you all for any album and/or book recommendations that you'd like to see reviews of in the upcoming weeks.  I'm currently in the midst of putting a review together for Shutter Island (the movie), and I should be finishing the George Carlin autobiography Last Words shortly.  So I'm anxious to hear any suggestions of new albums and books to focus my attention on.

Also, my next blahg entry will likely be a recounting and reflection of a recent drunken adventure I had with my friend Adam in NYC a few weeks ago.  The drunken evening include dozens of beers, urinating in sinks, puking in buckets and the dehumanizing of a cab driver....and those are just some of Adam's activities.

Sorry again for my lack of updates.  It won't happen again.

Until next time,
Blah, Blah, Blahg!
3/23/2010 06:56:07 am

I suggest that your next blog have the names changed to protect the innocent.

Bill Schedler
3/23/2010 01:21:27 pm

You got it Marth!


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